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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Al Shahania Stud’s ZT Makbey goes for big sum

Abher Stud and Al Abriqa Stud horses also fetch good prices at QREC auction but shortage of buyers raises concern.
Zt Makbey From Al Shahania Stud Fetched The Highest Price At The Qrec Auction On Friday
ZT Makbey from Al Shahania Stud fetched the highest price at the QREC auction on Friday. Photo: Juhaim Babu

ZT Makbey, a Bay mare from Al Shahania Stud, was sold for QR 80,000, marking the highlight of the season’s second auction for show horses at the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club on Friday.

ZT Makbey stood out from the 81 horses that went under the hammer and it seemed like the bidders had saved their best for the last. Fierce bidding towards the end of the evening saw the price climb quickly and it finally settled at a huge mark for the eight–year-old horse.

Hassan Abdulla Al Mannai Director Of The Arabian Horse Show
Hassan Abdulla Al Mannai, Director of the Arabian Horse Show. Photo: Juhaim Babu

Bazzah Aljawad of Abher Stud, a grey female, and Roda Al Abrigah, a chestnut female from Al Abriqa Stud, fetched QR 40,000 and 35,000 respectively.

Hassan Abdulla Al Mannai, Director of the Arabian Horse Show, was pleased with the prices at which the horses were sold but did point out that the sales were not as good as he expected it to be.

“We had many bidders coming in from Saudi Arabia before because they got good deals in Qatar. Their absence because of the blockade has left many horses unsold,” he said.

Al Mannai raised concern about the disparity in the number of horses and buyers in Qatar.

“There are many high quality horses in Qatar. Horses are also being imported. So, we have many horses but less people buying them. We need to find a solution for this soon,” he said.

Al Mannai felt that more activities and events could be a way out.

“We need to discuss that possibility with the racing federation,” he said.

QREC has scheduled two more auctions this season and both will be held in early 2020.

“We have an auction at the end of January which will be restricted to horses eligible to take part in international competitions. The season-ending auction will in March,” said Al Mannai.