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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Aspire Academy reiterates commitment to excellence

Qatar’s elite academy to develop sports champions, Aspire, hosts new academic year’s first ‘parent-teacher meeting’.
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Ali Salem Afifa, Deputy Director General, Aspire Academy, addressing the parent-teacher meeting. Photo: Aspire Academy

Aspire Academy, which is mandated to provide training and education to students with sports potential, reiterated its commitment to achieve both sporting and academic excellence at an inter-active session between the parents and teachers, coinciding with the start of its new academic year (2019-’20).

Ali Salem Afifa, Deputy Director General, Aspire Academy, emphasised on the school’s commitment towards excellence and told the parents that the institute acknowledged the important role they played in the development of their children.

“You’re playing a key role in the development and holistic education of your children and we value your commitment,” said Ali.

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Aspire Academy Principal Jassem Mohammed Al Jaber, second left, along with other officials and heads of various departments at a panel discussion. Photo: Aspire Academy

“At Aspire we’re keen not only to reinforce education and sport but also to build personalities. The Qatar national football team, which won the Asian Cup against heavy odds earlier this year, showed the values that we taught at Aspire and we’re very proud of this team and what they achieved and how they did it,” he added.

The event was attended by the Academy directors, teachers and coaches besides representatives of various other departments.

“This’s the first of many parent-teacher meetings that we’ve planned for this year”, said Academy Principal Jassem Mohammed Al Jaber.

“We believe strongly in working very closely with the parents to support the academic and athletic development of our students. This year we’ve embarked upon some new programmes aimed at reinforcing positive behaviour in the students, based on the mantra of three Rs – respect, responsibility and readiness,” the principal added.

Edorta Murua, Technical Director, Football Department and Dr. Hazem Anabtawi, Deputy Sports Director, also spoke on the occasion.

“Family is important to the work we carry out at Aspire. Your children are joining a new system, which can be a challenging transition. They should get a lot of support in order to make the most of their potential and that includes love and motivation from you at home. Only if they’ve the full support of everyone, will they be able to become successful champions,” said Dr. Hazem.