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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Aspire students exposed to world’s cultures

Aspire Academy’s staff members from over 65 nationalities interact with student-athletes in the unique annual event.
Students And Staff Members Of Aspire Academy Take Part In The Global Citizenship Day Programme
Students and staff members of Aspire Academy take part in the Global Citizenship Day programme. Photo: Aspire Academy

Aspire Academy celebrated its annual ‘Global Citizenship Day’ on Tuesday, bringing together staff members from over 65 nationalities and student-athletes under one roof.

Aspire staff, who turned out in outfits and regalia representative of their countries of origin, showcased historical artefacts and other exhibits to highlight their heritage, and food.

“The celebration was a part of our initiative to increase students’ awareness of the world’s different cultures. Our approach made it a fun learning experience for them,” said Aspire Academy’s Deputy Director General Ali Salem Afifa.

“The diversity sets us apart from other schools, and we cherish it as one of our greatest strengths. The concept of ‘global citizenship’ is a key pillar of our educational philosophy,” said Badr Al Hay, the Academy’s Director of Education and Student Affairs.

This year’s celebrations involved the student-athletes more than ever before. After picking countries of their choice, the students helped staff members set up special stands and present them to fellow students.

Ethiopian Abebe Asnake, a maths teacher at the Academy, said the event proved to be a huge success.

“The students were eager to find out more about the cultural backgrounds of people around them,” said the 34-year-old.

Global Citizenship Day Celebrations Underway At Aspire Academy
Global Citizenship Day celebrations underway at Aspire Academy. Photo: Aspire Academy