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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Aspire to create software for football data analysis

Aspire Academy is banking on a digital tool to help make sense of mountains of football-related data from players.
Aspire Story
Aspire has tied up with GolStats to aid in football data analysis.

Aspire Academy has signed an agreement with Mexico-based GolStats to develop the next phase of its advanced Football Data Management System (FDMS).

The venture is expected to help the Doha-based academy launch a software-tool that can help it efficiently create, manage and benefit from the vast amount of data generated during football matches.

The data includes information regarding players, teams, matches and competitions, training, scouting, testing and operations.

GolStats will help Aspire develop a custom-tailored solution that will allow it to spend less time on data collection and instead gain more insight from data analysis.