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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Chinese shooters clinch double trap gold

Qatar shooters hit by nerves, narrowly miss out on a medal on the final day of Asian Championships.
Qsaa President Ali Mohammed Al Kuwari With The Double Trap Medal Winners Wen Baolu Wang Hao Rashid Hussein Al Shuhoumi
QSAA President Ali Mohammed Al Kuwari with the double trap medal winners Wen Baolu (centre), Wang Hao (left) and Rashid Hussein Al Shuhoumi.IQ Photo

A medal finish was there for the asking for Qatar on the last day of the Asian Shooting Championships. Pressure and the intense competition seemed to play on their nerves and the double trap shouters stumbled in the final round at the Lusail Shooting Range on Wednesday.

Masoud Al Athba
Masoud Al Athba. IQ Photo


  • MEN
  • 1. Wen Baolu (China) 140; 2. Wang Hao (China) 140; 3. Rashid Hussein Al Shuhoumi (Oman) 139.
  • TEAM
  • 1. China 418; 2. Kuwait 389; 3. Oman 388.
Hamad Al Marri
Hamad Al Marri. IQ Photo
Abdul Baset Mohsin
Abdul Baset Mohsin. IQ Photo

Qatar’s Masoud Al Athba, who seemed to have struck a good rhythm after a poor start, lingered in the top five after the third and fourth rounds. His scores of 29 and 27 respectively from his 30 shots each put the team and himself in contention for a medal.

There was good support from Hamad Al Marri and Abdul Baset Mohsin. Al Marri scored 25 and 28 in the third and fourth round while Mohsin scored 27 and 24.

All that the Qatari shooters had to do was keep their calm and turn in a 26 or 27 each. It was possible considering their scores in the previous rounds.

Al Athba was in the first bunch of six shooters in the final round of 30. He started well, killing both targets with his first few shots. But one miss and the pressure piled up. He just could not put it behind and continued to miss targets. The weight of expectations seemed too much to handle and he finished with a dismal 23.

That gave Oman the edge but Qatar was not out of the race. Hamad Al Marri was up next and he turned in a good round of 27. While the Qatari shooters were out of contention for individual medals, the team was still in the hunt for a medal.

It boiled down to Mohsin to see Qatar through. Sadly, after a confident first few shots, Mohsin began missing targets. Oman’s Rashid Hussein Al Shuhomi, who was with Mohsin in the final set of shooters, kept his calm and came up with a fine 27. It powered him and his team to bronze medal position. Mohsin finished his round at 24, pushing the host nation to fourth.

China won the individual gold and silver as Wen Baolu and Wang Hao thrived with their early scores of 30.

Qatar’s Al Marri finished ninth while Al Athba came tenth. Mohsin ended 13th.

Qatar finished the event with three medals. They won bronze in the men’s Trap team and women’s Junior skeet team events while the men’s Skeet team won the gold.