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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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‘Have to break records to stay competitive in 400M hurdles’

Dalilah Muhammad says that the challenge from her younger competitors will force her to come up with better times.
Dalilah Muhammad Powers To A World Record In 400m Hurdles At The World Championships In Doha On Friday
Dalilah Muhammad is all smiles after her world record in 400M hurdles at the World Championships in Doha . IQ Photo: Vinod Divakaran

Dalilah Muhammad’s record-breaking spree just may not end in Doha. She has two world records this season, set within three months of each other. And there is a chance that she could end up bettering her Doha performance too in the future.

“If I want to stay competitive in this event, I don’t have much of a choice,” said the 29-year-old American, after warding off a stiff challenge from her compatriot Sydney McLaughlin to win the World Championships gold in a world record time of 52.16 sec.

The 20-year-old McLaughlin clocked 52.23 sec, suffering a narrow defeat. With age on her side, McLaughlin is sure to push her older teammate that much more in the coming days.

On Friday night both competitors went for broke and that was reflected in the pace of the race.

“It was a very fast race. I definitely felt it from the start,” said Dalilah. “And in such a race, you just cannot hold back and I gave it my all,” she added.

Dalilah said that she did not plan to break world records but rather just tried to replicate what she did in training on race day.

“I just hold on to what I do in practice every single day. You train hard and hope it will all come together and I guess that’s what happened today”.

“I didn’t even know who won the race after I crossed the finish line,” said Dalilah. “I was waiting for the result and that’s when I knew I had broken the world record,” she added.