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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Khalifa Stadium, Corniche ready to host world’s best

Cooling technology at Khalifa International Stadium is innovative and environment-friendly.
The Khalifa International Stadium
The cooling technology and a newly laid track will be the highlights at the Khalifa International Stadium which will host the IAAF World Championships from September 27 to October 6. Photo: Inside Qatar

The Khalifa International Stadium is primed and ready for the IAAF World Championships which will get underway in just a week from now. So is the Corniche which will host the midnight marathons and walking races.

Engineer Ahmed Khalil, Vice Chairman, Facilities Committee, IAAF World Championships Doha 2019, said all maintenance and improvement works had been carried out at both venues.

Sep 19 Athletics Infographics
Infographics: Inside Qatar

He also highlighted the energy efficiency feature of the cooling technology used at the Khalifa International Stadium.

“The cooling technology at the stadium ensures 40 per cent of energy consumption compared to conventional cooling methods,” he said.

He added that the fans and athletes would be able to experience firsthand the unprecedented, ideal and innovative technology which is being used to cool open spaces such as stadiums.

Khalil also highlighted the newly-laid track’s quality saying “it ensures safety and ease of running for athletes.”

The official stressed on the fact that while many changes were carried out at the stadium for the upcoming event, they were done without impacting any of its characteristics as a football venue.

He said care was taken to ensure that the stadium’s status as one of Qatar’s iconic football venues was in no way undermined.

He revealed that getting the Corniche ready for the event posed quite a challenge, but added that integrated coordination with various departments helped ensure that the objective was achieved.

He lauded the smooth coordination between the Organising Committee and the IAAF in preparation for the event.

Work To Install Temporary Floodlights On The Corniche Street In Progress
Work to install temporary floodlights on the Corniche Street in progress. IQ Photo: Vinod Divakaran