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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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A reference point

Dear readers,

The main objective of launching, primarily a sports website, is to extensively cover and provide a true and unbiased view of a wide range of activities happening inside Qatar.

In the absence of an exclusive sports publication, especially in English language, we feel there is a huge vacuum in the media landscape of Qatar. There is a need to widen the coverage of activities, or rather open a new ‘Window to the World’, that will give Qatar’s friends and critics a broader perspective, and also offer a better insight into the country’s sports scene, right from the grass-roots level.

We have a vastly-experienced team of journalists, photographers, graphic designers and multi-media experts working with us, and we will bring you detailed information about all sports events happening inside Qatar through our exclusive reports, analyses and reviews, supported by high-quality photos, videos, illustrations and infographics.

We are determined to inspire a new generation of Qatari sportspersons through special interviews and features about their promising talents and early performances. We also aim to promote awareness about healthy lifestyle practices among the country’s population.

The purpose of journalism is to ensure that society becomes well informed. It is vital to provide them with reliable information. Our ultimate goal is to become one of the most informative and trusted websites in the world and become a reference point on Qatar. We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead, but we feel confident of achieving our target as our motto is to be credible, fair and objective.

We will try and stay closely connected to you, so that we always reflect your concerns. We also seek your ideas, views and suggestions on how we can improve constantly.

You can reach us on +974 4475 1025 or

Yours sincerely

D. Ravi Kumar
Managing Editor