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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Qatari shooters win silver and bronze at Asian meet

The men’s skeet team claims podium finishes fighting off stiff competition from strong rivals.
Pic 1
Qatar’s skeet team of Rashid Saleh Hamad, Masoud Saleh Hamad and Abdul Aziz Al Attiyah with their silver medal at the Asian Shotgun Championships at Almaty in Kazakhstan. Photo: Team Qatar/ Twittter

Qatar’s shooters turned in a splendid display at the Asian Shotgun Championships, claiming a silver and a bronze in skeet at Almaty in Kazakhstan on Tuesday.

Qatar’s Rashid Saleh Hamad, Masoud Saleh Hamad and Abdul Aziz Al Attiyah won the silver in the team event while Rashid Saleh Hamad won the bronze in the individual event.

Pic 2
Qatar’s Rashid Saleh Hamad (right) who won bronze in the men’s skeet at the Asian Shotgun Championships at Almaty in Kazakhstan with Kuwait’s Mansour Al Rashedi (left) and China’s Di Jin. Photo: Team Qatar/ Twittter

The team competition was a keenly contested one with both China and Qatar finishing on 357 points each. Qatar narrowly missed out on the gold on a countback, with their total in the final round costing them the yellow metal. The Qatari trio had a total of 70 while the Chinese shooters were a shade better at 71.


  • Di Jin (China) 58
  • Saif bin Futtais (UAE) 55
  • Rashid Hamad (Qatar) 45
  • China: 357 (Di Jin 123; Shuai Tang 119; Yueheng Dun 115)
  • Qatar: 357 (Rashid Hamad 122; Masoud Hamad 120; Adbul Aziz Al Attiyah 115)
  • Kuwait: 354 (Mansour Al Rashedi 124; Abdullah Al Rashidi 115; Abdulaziz Al Saaad 115)

The Qatari shooters displayed splendid resilience to fight back despite trailing their Chinese counterparts in the first two rounds. But a perfect final round by China’s Di Jin spoilt Qatar’s plans.

Qatar had a series of 68, 71, 74, 74 and 70 while the Chinese team of Di Jin, Shuai Tang and Yueheng Dun shot 69, 74, 73, 71 and 71.  Di Jin’s perfect 25 in the final round clinched the issue, making up for Shuai Tang’s effort of 24 and Yueheng’s score of 22.

Rashid and Masoud shot 24 each while Abdul Aziz Al Attiyah scored 22 in the final round.

In the individual event, Di Jin proved to be far more accurate than the rest of the field. He shot 58 to defeat UAE’s Saif bin Futtais (55) for the gold. Qatar’s Rashid was third with 45.

Meanwhile, Qatar women’s team of Fatima Saeed Al Muraikhi, Ghalia Al Malki and Aman Ali Al Shirawai finished fourth in the junior women’s team skeet event.

Qatar’s Reeem Al Sharshani placed 12th in a tough field of 17 shooters in the women’s individual skeet.