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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Qatar’s Mariam ready for her ‘dream-come-true moment’

The Qatari athlete, who will take part in the women’s 400M hurdles, says she is aware of the challenges ahead.
Mariam Farid
Mariam Farid Mamdouh, left, and her Tunisian coach Awatef Ahmed after a training session at the Qatar Sports Club Stadium. Photo: Inside Qatar

Mariam Farid Mamdouh is one of only two women athletes in the Qatar team for the 2019 IAAF World Championships. While the occasion is huge and the pressure and scrutiny associated with it intense, she has not let it affect her.

The 400M hurdler, who has been training hard at the Qatar Sports Club, said she was aware of the challenges and was looking forward to it.

“About the training… so far, so good,” she told Inside Qatar.  “This is the first time I’ll be representing Qatar at this level, so I’m very excited. I’m not in it for the medals, but for participation and experience. Competing in front of home fans will be very exciting. I’m looking forward to it,” the 21-year-old added.

There is another reason for the Worlds being close to her heart. As an ambassador of Doha’s bid for the event, she had travelled to Monaco in 2014 and made a passionate appeal to the IAAF Council members just before the vote.

“Ever since November 18, 2014, when Doha won the bid, I’ve been dreaming of being on the track as a competitor,” said Mariam.

“I’ve been preparing for it, having taken part in quite a few regional and international competitions during the last five years, including the ’17 IAAF Diamond League in Doha, ’18 Jakarta Asian Games and the ’19 Asian Championships at home. I was also keenly following how my country was gearing up to host the big event for the first time in the Middle East,” she added.

“Now we’re ready to welcome the world. And when I step on to the track, it’ll be a dream-come-true moment for me,” she said.

Mariam’s Tunisian coach Awatef Ahmed felt her ward was ready for the competition.

“She’s been training well and has improved a lot. My target for her would be to set a new personal best. She can do it,” said Awatef.

Mariam’s current best of 1:10.33 may not be impressive, but as she herself said, she is here to gain experience. After the Worlds she will compete in the GCC Women’s Games in Kuwait next month.

“Her experience in Doha will stand her in good stead in future,” added her coach.