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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Qatar’s trap team falters, air rifle youth team impresses

Kuwait wins gold in trap mixed team while host country’s pistol shooter Al Shamari delivers heartening finish.
Chinese Taipei and Kazakhstan shooters face off in the trap mixed team bronze medal contest at the Asian Shooting Championships on Friday. IQ Photo: Vinod Divakaran

After Mohammed Al Rumaihi had done Qatar proud on Wednesday, sealing an Olympic qualifying berth for his country in the men’s trap, he was expected to carry his team through in the mixed event on Friday as well. Sadly, he and Noora Essa Al Ali faltered in that attempt. They failed to make it to the final, finishing ninth in the qualifying rounds at the Asian Shooting Championships at the Lusail Shooting Range.

It was a tough task for both as they were up against some of the world’s best shooters. They were way behind the best qualifying score of 147 by Kuwait. The Qatari duo shot 138.

Qatar’s other team of Rashid Hamad Al Athba and Kholoud Hassan Al Khaaf was 17th with a score of 134.

The event was won by Kuwait’s Abdulrahman Al Faihan and Sarah Al Hawal, who beat the Chinese team of He Weidong and Deng Weiyun 34-32. The Chinese Taipei pair of Yang Kun Pi and Liu Wan Yu won the bronze, beating Kazakhstan’s Maxim Kolomoyets and Anastassiya Davydova 42-39.

Qatar’s shooters in youth air rifle, Said Ali Al Mohannadi, Hamad Hassan Al Tamimi and Jassim Rayed Al Bouloushi, brought some cheer for the host country. They finished fourth in the team event with a score of 1707.

The youth team in the 10M air pistol also came up with a heartening result. The team of Ibrahim Saad Al Muhannadi, Ali Badr Al Nahdi and Mohammed Taleb Al Shammari finished fifth with a score of 1528.

Ahmed Zayed Al Shammari gave a good account of himself in the men’s 25M standard pistol. He was 10th with a score of 565.

India and China were again among the medals in pistol and rifle events. The Indian shooters won five gold while the Chinese bagged three.

It was not all about these two countries though. Shooters from Korea, Thailand, Kuwait, Kazakhstan and Chinese Taipei also helped themselves to gold medals on the day.


    1. Yao Zhaonan (China) 578; Udhayveer Sidhu (India) 577; 3. Han Daeyoon (Korea) 572.
  • TEAM:
    1. India 1710; 2. China 1709; 3. Korea 1705.
    1. Konstantin Malinovskiy (Kazakhstan) 625.1; 2. Liu Gang (China) 623.8; Li Xinmiao (China) 623.6.
  • TEAM:
    1. China 1868.9; 2. India 1865.1; 3. Korea 1860.5
    1. Nikita Chiryukin (Kazakhstan) 568; 2. Lee Gunhyeok (Korea) 567; Harsh Gupta (India) 567.
  • TEAM:
    1. Korea 1690; 2. India 1680; 3. China 1663.
  • 10M AIR RIFLE:
    1. Rudranksh Balasaheb Patil (India) 249; 2. Srijay Ranjanbabu Thathaiyan (India) 248.8; Liu Xiyang (China) 225.7.
  • TEAM:
    1. India 1871.0; 2. China 1858.0; 3. Thailand 1806.5.
    1. Naveen (India) 241.2; 2. Kim Junhyun (Korea) 238.2; 3. Yang Shuqiang (China) 220.1.
  • 25M PISTOL:
    1. Naphaswan Yangpaibon (Thailand) 36; 2. Gundegmaa Otryad (Mongolia) 33; 3. Jingjing Zhang (China) 28.
  • TEAM:
    1. Korea 1751; 2. China 1751; 3. Thailand 1748.
    1. Wan Xiangyan (China) 627.2; 2. Lee Eunseo (Korea) 625.1; Mohammed Taibi Nur Suryani (Malaysia) 622.2
  • TEAM:
    1. India 1864.8; 2. China 1862.4; 3. Korea 1865.5
    Abdulrahman Al Faihan/Sarah Al Hawal (Kuwait) 34 bt HE Weidong/Deng Weiyun (China) 32
    Yang Kun-Pi/Liu Wan-Yu (Chinese Taipei) 42 bt Maxim Kolomoyets/Anastassiya Davydova (Kazakhstan) 39