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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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QSL’s digital treat for Qatar’s football fans

A new mobile app to track your favourite club, check scores and even buy merchandise.
Khalid Al Kubaisi Co Founder, Al Kunat
Khalid Al Kubaisi, co-founder, Al Kunat. IQ Photo: Vinod Divakaran

You want the scores of the Qatar Stars League (QSL) on the go. You want to buy tickets online. Or you want to buy your favourite club’s merchandise. It can now all be done on the QSL mobile app which will launch on Wednesday to coincide with the first match of the 2019-2020 season.

Khalid Al Kubaisi, co-founder of Al Kunat, a Doha-based start-up which launched the app, said, “The mobile app is a digital engagement with QSL’s fan base and an easy way to facilitate contact between fans and clubs”.
The app will provide fans with quick access to results and news from the QSL, though the different features will be available only in phases.

“The second phase will be introduced by September-October and will involve projecting match results,” said Al Kubaisi. “You can even personalise the app according to your needs.”

The QSL store will also be available on the app although a timeframe has not been set for it yet. “It will certainly be available this season. The fans can purchase jerseys, footballs and whatever merchandise the clubs offer,” said Al Kubaisi.

Al Kunat has associated with QSL in other ventures previously and said that a common goal saw them agree to join hands again. “QSL has the same vision we have – reaching out to mass audiences. We like their efforts to always encourage the private sector and that prompted us to join them.”

While the QSL app will help Qatar football fans to follow their favourite clubs and stars, Al Kubaisi hoped that the app could rope in a larger audience in the future. “We are hoping to eventually increase the engagement and have an international audience, so we will have followers overseas as well,” he said.

Once the new season gets underway, everything the fans want to know will be literally available at their fingertips.