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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Safety and security measures in place for Doha 2019

The Security Committee of the IAAF World Championships has readied personnel, systems and equipment for any eventuality.
Khalifa Stadium Security
The Security Committee of the IAAF World Championships in Doha has put in place safety and security systems at key venues and associated locations of the event. Photo: IQ Graphics

The Civil Defence and Technology Security units of the Security Committee for the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 said on Tuesday that they were fully prepared to deal with any emergency at the event’s main venues – Khalifa International Stadium, Corniche Street and accommodations of various delegations.

Civil Defence Unit Coordinator at the IAAF Doha Security Committee, First Lieutenant Saeed Salem Al Musallam said that civil defence units posted at these locations would be given security and safety equipment as well as other mechanisms to act in dire situations. These units would be supported by nearby civil defence centres with the unit at Corniche being supported by Old Al Ghanim Civil Defence Centre, the Khalifa International Stadium unit backed by the civil defence centre of Al Aziziya and the team at the hotels being aided by the nearest civil defence centre.


  • Civil defence units at Khalifa Stadium, Corniche, sports delegations’ hotels
  • Operating rooms at key locations fitted with surveillance systems
  • Surveillance systems linked to CCTV cameras at key locations
  • Operating rooms linked to control room of National Command Centre (NCC)


  • Khalifa International Stadium
  • Roads leading to Khalifa International Stadium
  • The Corniche and surrounding areas
  • Accommodations of sports delegations

Al Musallam said that the main tasks of the civil defence teams were to ensure security and safety at their respective locations. The units would also be required to ensure that the organisers and volunteers are apprised about the evacuation plans at each of the locations.

First Lieutenant Sultan Mohammed Al Mohannadi of the Technology Security Unit pointed out that security permits had been issued to key groups operating at the Khalifa International Stadium and the Corniche. He said that 36,000 permits had been issued to organisers, participants, security personnel and those involved in insurance and support services.

The functions of the permit holder determines his accessibility to various areas. While some are allowed access to all areas, others will be allowed to enter only certain places.

Al Mohannadi said that the permits were issued following effective coordination between the security committee and the appropriate government bodies and he lauded the manner in which the various groups associated to complete the task.

As far as technical security was concerned, First Lieutenant Talal Ahmed Al Mulla of the Security Systems Department said that the department had already finished equipping the operating rooms at the Doha Corniche and the Khalifa International Stadium. He said that other systems that work on securing the stadium were also in place.

The systems at the operating rooms will be linked to the control room of the National Command Centre (NCC). The NCC would guide the participating units in case of an emergency such as crowding during the process of entering or leaving Khalifa International Stadium or the Corniche, and also help work on the traffic flow.

Al Mulla said that surveillance cameras had been installed at Khalifa International Stadium, roads leading to the stadium, the Corniche and surrounding areas as well as accommodations of the sports delegations.