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Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2019
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Using sport as a tool to promote social cohesion

Generation Amazing hosts discussion at the UN on using behavioural insights and sports to prevent violent extremism.
He Sheikha Alya Ahmed Bin Saif Al Thani Speaks During Generation Amazing’s Forum Opening In New York
HE Sheikha Alya Ahmed Bin Saif Al Thani speaks during Generation Amazing’s forum opening in New York. Photo: Supreme Committee

The Generation Amazing initiative, which comes under the umbrella of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), has been helping deliver social change through sport, around the world.

As part of the initiative, it held a special forum in New York titled ‘Using Behavioural Insights and Sports: Preventing Violent Extremism.’
The panel discussion, which took place at the UN headquarters, was held in collaboration with B4Development and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

HE Sheikha Alya Ahmed Bin Saif Al Thani, the Permanent Representative of Qatar to the UN, opened the session while SC Secretary-General Hassan Al Thawadi delivered the opening message.

Marco A Souzo And Nasser Al Khori Attend The Session
Marco A Souzo and Nasser Al Khori attend the session. Photo: Supreme Committee

UNITAR New York’s Head of Office Marco A Suazo and Harvard University Professor Cass Sunstein were some of the speakers at the forum, which brought together experts from the field of sports and behavioural science. The forum looked at how sport could be used as a tool to better promote inclusion, social cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism.

“We hope that relationships are strengthened through this collaboration and that the event serves as a stepping stone in taking this topic forward and in expanding the application of behavioural insight theory towards society’s most needy,” Al Thawadi said.

He emphasised the importance of understanding behavioural patterns to equip programmes like Generation Amazing better.

Generation Amazing Director Nasser Al Khori highlighted how the programme collaborated with B4Development – a behavioural insights unit launched by the SC in 2016.

“One intervention was designed to help coaches with keywords that target objectives such as inclusivity, communication, tolerance and respect. We’re using surveys to measure and evaluate the impact of these interventions,” he said.